APD discusses mental health issues

The Albuquerque Police Department Valley Command Citizens Policing Council will meet on Wednesday, February 17, at 10:00 AM. at Los Duranes Community Center at 2920 Leopoldo Rd. NW. The guest speaker will be Lt. Glenn St. Onge of the Alb. Police Departments Violent Crime Division.

Lt. St. Onge gave a presentation on use of force concepts to the District 4 Coalition of Neighborhoods, which was very well received. He has been instrumental in getting not only APD, but also the BCSO and Rio Rancho DPS to agree to work together on mental health issues.

The presentation you will see at the next meeting has been put together by not only our police officials but also by individuals from UNM and has so impressed people that they have been asked to present it at a national convention in Chicago in April.

All of our public safety dept officials are working together to complete the training lined out in these DOJ agreements on use of force. This meeting will be very beneficial in answering the questions of where all of our DPS departments are heading in the use of force concepts and the processing of the mentally impaired.

If you have any questions please contact Jim Souter


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