Candidates for NM Representative Featured at October Meeting

Day Hochman-Vigil

Day Hochman-Vigil

Brad Winter

Brad Winter

Candidates of New Mexico House of Representatives Legislative District 15 will be the featured speakers at the next meeting of the Alameda North Valley Association on October 18 at 7 p.m. at the Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center (9800 4th St. NW).

Day Hochman-Vigil and Brad Winter are competing to become the next representative to replace retiring representative Sarah Maestas-Barnes. They will each have an opportunity to present their views and will answer questions from the audience.

Other candidates who are not on the agenda are welcome to attend and will be given three minutes to introduce themselves.

Other items on the agenda include an update on Bernalillo County activities, and a special presentation to outgoing and long-serving legislators. Senator Bill O’Neill will also present a quick look at the upcoming legislative session.

Please take this opportunity to come and meet the candidates and to learn about upcoming events in the community.


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