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State Legislators to Speak on March 15

Sen. Bill O'Neill

Sen. Bill O’Neill

Rep. Sarah Maestas-Barnes

Rep. Sarah Maestas-Barnes









Our state legislators, Senator Bill O’Neill and Representative Sarah Maestas-Barnes will address the Alameda North Valley Association on Thursday, March 15 at 7 p.m. at the Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center.

Senator John Sapien was invited but will not be able to attend due to a trip with his family.

The meeting will be informal allowing for questions and conversation.

Our Legislators will tell us about what happened at the recent legislative session. This year lawmakers had more funds than in the past and they need to let us know how that money will be used.

Work by our Legislators has either been signed or vetoed by the Governor.

How was the work by our Legislators impacted by the Governor’s actions?

How will our community be impacted?

Will we have serious and comprehensive items or fluff projects for the area?

This is your opportunity to meet and speak with your local legislator about any issues of concern you might have.

At the end of the Legislative review, we will have an Alameda North Valley Association Board of Directors Election. Members in good standing with dues paid are eligible for election.

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