Sheriff Candidates to Speak at ANVA Meeting September 20

Manuel Gonzales

Manuel Gonzales

Everyone in the community is invited to a meet and greet with the candidates for Bernalillo County Sheriff on Thursday, September 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center (9800 4th St. NW)

Manuel Gonzales and Lou Golson, the two candidates for Bernalillo County Sheriff will attend the meeting to discuss issues of concern to the Alameda North Valley Community. This will not be a formal candidate forum.



Lou Golson

Lou Golson

Lou Golson, the republican candidate for sheriff has lived his entire adult life in Albuquerque. He and his wife April have five children, three of which are working in the field of law enforcement. His son Scott is a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy.

Golson began his career in Albuquerque as a Law Enforcement Specialist assigned to Kirtland Air Force Base. He joined the Albuquerque Police Department and spent his career in a number of positions with the department. Golson formally retired, then returned to work with the department. In 2015 during a traffic stop, Golson was shot four times and severely injured. He returned to the Albuquerque Police Department on light duty but in November 2016 was informed by his doctors that he would physically be unable to return to duty as a uniformed officer, and left the department.

Manuel Gonzales III, the democratic candidate for sheriff is a lifelong resident of Albuquerque. He and his wife Elaine have three children. A former marine, Gonzales joined the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s office in 1989, working his way through the ranks. He was appointed by the Bernalillo County Commission to fill a vacancy created by the departure of Sheriff Darren White in 2009. Gonzales ran for sheriff during the next election cycle, but was defeated. He ran for election again and was elected in 2014.

Both men are well known in the local community. The Alameda North Valley Association plans an informal meeting and residents will have an opportunity to discuss crime and issues of interest to the Alameda area.

Candidates for other offices are welcome to attend, but will only be allowed time to introduce themselves.


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